3rd 9 Weeks

other suggestions to add somewhere:

1.Video called Horrible Histories: There is one on Lewis and Clark and one on the California Gold Rush. (Campy and gross, perfect for 5th grade boys)
These are from Safari Montage, I did notice that none of the links on the wiki (I could be wrong) were from Safari Montage, it is an excellent resource! There is an animated one on Lincoln's life that I show every year.

2. Another excellent video resource is history.com. If you go to history.com, then click the Video tab, then click the Videos by topic tab, you can scroll down to list of time periods and corresponding videos. AWESOME STUFF> most of the videos are very short but to the point. (I always bring in the Donner Party one to raise awareness about the hardships of the Oregon trail, I also like the students to play Oregon Trial on the iTouches. )

3. I also like to use School House Rock videos (you can get most of them off of youtube), esp, Shot Heard Around the World. They are campy but the kids love them.

4. Also the Time For Kids magazine that came with our Reading Adoption is full of wonderful articles that tie in very well. There is one about Jamestown, one about the Constitution and many more. Please make sure your curriculum buddies include Time For Kids articles.